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Rina Crane is a homemaker for her beloved husband and two wonderful children born in 2004 and 2007. She is truly passionate about labor and birth and is thrilled to share this passion along with her knowledge and experience. She strives to help families learn about birth and about their ability to advocate for themselves before, during and after labor.


Rina is an advanced certified doula through DONA International and has received additional doula training through ALACE and toLabor. She is a DONA-Approved Doula Trainer and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

Rina was inducted as a Fellow of the Academy of Certified Childbirth Educators in 2015. She is a founding member and Director of the NYC Doula Collective and the founder and coordinator of several volunteer doula programs for the underserved. 

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Kai-Michelle Blackman began her journey as a doula after the birth of her son, Kayden-Masai.  During pregnancy, she became fascinated with the changes within her own body and realized being a mother is one of the biggest responsibilities and most loving experiences she has ever known. She believes all families are entitled to creating their own birth story. She realizes each birth story and birth song, although different, can and should be equally wonderful.

Kai-Michelle received a BA from Hampton University, in Broadcast Journalism and is working toward her certification in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. She served as the director of a nonprofit preschool for five years. She went on to teach English as a second language abroad before meeting and marrying her husband, and settling down in their hometown, Brooklyn, New York.

During pregnancy Kai-Michelle became a Community Health Outreach Worker at the Brooklyn Perinatal Network and began advocating to lessen the infant mortality rate in central Brooklyn. She also wrote grants to secure supplies for mothers and their babies in underprivileged populations. She has marched for babies, for breastfeeding and woman's rights.

Kai-Michelle believes all women should have a strong support team during pregnancy, labor and beyond. She is trained in CPR and First Aid, Medication Administration, Childcare Injury Prevention and Infection, Early Intervention, Social and Emotional Health, Childbirth Education and more.

Kai-Michelle enjoys dancing, listening to music, learning new skills, dressing up with her son and organizing fun activities for her Nanny/Mommy share group

Dawn Bruce

Dawn Bruce

Dawn Bruce received her doula training from Ancient Song Doula Services as well as DONA International Training with Rina Crane. She has a Master's degree in social work and brings this experience to her doula work. 

Dawn's journey into birth work began during her time as a coordinator of services for families of preschool children. Her doula training helped to inform her of the many decisions mothers and parents face during pregnancy and the birthing process.

Dawn wants to ensure that pregnant mothers are receiving information that will help them make informed choices for their birthing experience and play a supportive role in assisting them to call on their inner strengths. She hopes to fuse her social work experience and doula work together to better assist mothers as they continue on their parenting journey. 


Ghislaine Ouedraogo-Ametchie is pursuing her DONA International Doula Certification. She lives in Harlem with her husband and their two beautiful children born in 2011 and 2014. 

Since an early age, Ghislaine yearned to work with women around the time of birth. She has dedicated her career to helping people help themselves, which has led her to women's health and empowerment, especially for the most impoverished pockets of society. Her latest work has been i the provision of emergency obstetric and newborn care in countries with a high burden of maternal mortality.

Every woman deserves gentle and compassionate care around the time of birth, even from her health providers. Doulas provide that gentle and necessary addition to the woman's health circle. 

Ghislaine was born and raised in Burkina Faso (in West Africa) until middle school, when she moved to the US with her family. As a bi-cultural New Yorker, Ghislaine is particularly sensitive to the health disparities in the city.

Emilie Jones

Emilie Jones

Emilie Jones is a DONA trained birth doula and a Birth Mama trained holistic postpartum doula which addresses mothers' nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. She believes every woman should have the birth she desires, the information needed to see it come to fruition, and be an advocate for herself and her family. She believes that giving birth is one of the most sacred, yet normal, experiences in a woman's life and wants to help women see their inner power.

Emilie's interests first started in medicine where she worked as a veterinary technician for years before becoming interested in the influences of culture on women's bodies. Emilie received her BA in Medical Anthropology from the City College of New York, focusing on reproductive health in the United States, particularly pertaining to birth. She did her first ethnography on doula work in Brooklyn, shadowing Chanel Porchia from Ancient Song Doula Services, and then another exploring birth experiences in the US and abroad. She was also a Colin Powell Fellow for Health Justice, advocating with Health Leads in Harlem Hospital's OB/GYN Unit to give low-income families access to resources they needed to stay healthy, as well as writing health policy to advance equality and civil rights at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.  

She always knew she wanted to work with women and children, but did not know in what capacity. It wasn't until she experienced labor and childbirth herself that she realized how transformative and empowering it could be.

Janice Spencer

Janice Spencer

Janice Spencer received her doula training through DONA International with Rina Crane. She is also a childbirth educator and certified lactation counselor, and has trained in Spinning Babies and Optimal Fetal Positioning.  

Although Janice just began her journey in birth work, she has been practicing in the health field for many years. She started out a surgical technologist in a in vitro fertilization practice and then went on to work in labor & delivery as a surgical technologist. It was in L&D that she realized her passion for birth and being a doula. Though she did not have a lot of patient contact, she yearned to be more hands on in the birthing experience.  

Janice is also a mom of two as well as a grandma. She was a teenage mom that didn't have the pleasure of a doula or the experience of breastfeeding and hopes to change that for other teen moms and families. She hopes to help create empowering and positive tools for a mother's birthing experience. 


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